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Product label tags a regulation

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(inspect of bureau of inspect of ability of supervisory bureau of national quality technology is sent [1997]172 date was released on November 7, 1997)

The first marks for farther normative product, guide an enterprise to tag the label of the product correctly, bright show product quality information, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprise, user, consumer, basis " standard of quality of product of People's Republic of China " the regulation that waits for law, code, make this regulation.
What this the 2nd regulation calls a product the label is to point to those who be used at identifying product and its quality, amount, feature, character and use method place to do all sorts of denotive a general designation. Product label can use character, symbol, number, design and other exponent to wait express.

The 3rd product in production of churchyard of People's Republic of China, sale, the tagging that its mark, ought to abide by this regulation. Law, code, regulations and mandatory the tagging that national level, occupation standard marks to the product has a regulation additionally, ought to abide by its to set at the same time.

The 4th product ought to have a label. Naked outfit food and other basis the characteristic of the product adds hard the naked outfit product of the label, need not supplementary product marks.

The 5th outside dividing product service instruction, product label ought to be tagged in the product or on the consumer package of the product. Product or the area of the biggest surface of product consumer package is less than 10 square centimeter, in the product product name, generator name perhaps can be tagged only on product consumer package; The product that deadline uses, in the product or the bag mount of the product still ought to tag manufacturing date and reliable life or date of failure. The other label content of this regulation can tag the other exponent in the product to go up.

Place of label of the 6th product ought to be normative Chinese with the character. Can use Chinese Phonetic Alphabet at the same time or foreign language, chinese Phonetic Alphabet and foreign language ought to be less than corresponding Chinese. The Chinese character that product label uses, number and letter, its font height must not be less than 1.8 millimeter.

The 7th product marks ought to clear, firm, identify easily.

Label of the 8th product ought to have product name. Product name ought to make clear the real property of the product, accord with following requirement:
One, national level, occupation standard has a regulation to product name, ought to use the name that national level, occupation standard sets;
2, national level, occupation standard does not have a regulation to product name, ought to use won't cause misunderstanding of user, consumer and promiscuous commonly used name or local name;
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