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The main thing sex of model 膠

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The main thing sex of model 膠
Specific gravity (the proportion of Density) model 膠

Specific gravity is the ratio of density of water of 與 of density of 質 pointing to content, place 謂 density is to point to 單 the weight of 體 積. The 測 of specific gravity can depend on 測 of law of 換 of the buy in ASTM D792 water to get surely.

Bibulous rate
Bibulous rate is the degree that 測 decides model 膠 to suck moisture, 測 law is first 將 樣 is tasted carbonado male after 稱 is weighed, in water intrusion 24 or after of 48 small 時, take out again 稱 is heavy, 計 calculates the per cent that weight increases, namely 為 bibulous rate. The model 膠 stuff with general too old water imbibition, 強 of instrument of 機 of Yi Ying 響 spends 與 dimension 穩 qualitative, if Nylon or PET are the example of the model namely.

The rate that appear 氣 (Permeability)
The sex that appear 氣 is 測 the degree with penetrable easy 難 of 體 of board 氣 of film of the 膠 that decide model or model 膠, the methodological 測 that can depend on ASTM D1434 is gotten. This is one 項 on bag 裝 utility important content sex points to 標 .

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