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Sex of content of plastic raw material expresses Chinese and English interpreter

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Density of Bulk Density bulk

Degree of polymerization of Degree Of Polymerization

Elasticity Coefficient stretch coefficient

Craze of stress of environment of Environmental Stress Cracking

Temperature of vitrification of Glass Transition Temperature

Hardness hardness

Heat of Heat Distortion Temperature is out of shape temperature

Limiting oxygen index of Limiting Oxygen Index

Index of Melt Index fuse-element

Melting Point melting point

Dimension of Vicat Softening Point blocks softening point

Physical function: Physicalproperties

Specific gravity Specific Gravity

Melt index Melt Flow Rate

Mechanical function Mechanical Properties

1, fight piece of gender Tensile Properties
Tensile strength Tensile Strength
Rupture percentage elongation Elongation At Break

2, curve sexual Flexural Properties
Flexural strength Flexural Strength
Curve flexibility to lead Flexural Modulus

3, IZOD Impact Value of IZOD breach impact strength
23 ℃

Heat up function Thermal Properties
Heat is out of shape temperature Deflection Temperature Under Load

Flame Retardance of fire resistance properties
1.6mm (1/16in)
0.8mm (1/32in)
Glass Fiber Content of Bo fine content

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