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  one. Collection concept

2. Collection party

3. Hold debit type in the palm

4. Collection business flow

5. Collection (export department is divided) operation
1. With only collection
2. Smooth ticket collection

6. Note

7. Collection risk

One. Collection concept

Collection (COLLECTION) is exporter opens bill of exchange, entrust bank generation to receive money, the means of a kind of settle accounts to payment for goods of foreign importer collection or service money.

2. Collection party

Collection party has 4, main responsibility is as follows:

1. Client (PRINCIPAL)
Also weigh remitter, it is exporter commonly, basically be the clause on the contract that exercise and importer sign, fulfill what sign with the bank to entrust the contract of gathering.

2. Send one-way (REMITTING BANK)
Also say collection goes, it is the bank that entrusts era to receive money, basically be the requirement according to client and international convention undertake handling business.

3. Era closes row (COLLECTING BANK)
Collection is the agent that importing the ground all right, a power of attorney that goes according to collection the bank to drawee gathering.

4. Drawee (DRAWEE)
It is importer commonly. Basically be the person that pays money.

3. Hold debit type in the palm

Collection means has:

1. Collection following sheet (DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION)

(1) . With only collection concept
Collection following sheet is bill of trade of along with of bill of exchange goes to the entrance the means of a kind of collection of collection money, sometimes to avoid stamp duty, also do not have bill of exchange, take commercial bill to entrust bank generation to close only.

(2) . Collection following sheet is phyletic
Immediate D/P (DOCUMENT AGAINST PAYMENT AT SIGHT) : Common weighs D/P AT SIGHT, pointing to the bill of exchange that go out is sight draft, importer sees a ticket, pay payment for goods only, ability takes commercial bill.

Long-dated D/P (DOCUMENTS AGAINST PAYMENT OF USANCE BILL) : Exporter opens a time draft, importer to bank accept the D/P means at D/P of maturity of bill of exchange.
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