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How to deal with brand international to register application?

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  falls in the situation of economic globalization, company brand international is registered appear particularly important. The brand international that says normally is registered, those who point to is Madrid brand international is registered. Zhang Huanjun of solicitor of office of inscription abundant attorney) make specific explanation to dealing with Madrid brand international to register here -- ,

Madrid brand international is registered, namely basis " brand international registers Madrid agreement " or " brand international registers Madrid agreement to concern protocol " regulation, in Madrid alliance the brand that undertakes between member country is registered.

Deal with this to register have two ways: 1, entrust brand representative orgnaization to deal with. 2, the applicant is dealt with to brand bureau directly. Conduction measure basically includes: 1, entrust brand representative orgnaization to deal with, the applicant can choose orgnaizations of any representative of a brand. 2, the applicant deals with to brand bureau directly, can deal with according to the following measure: Preparative requisition → is registered to brand bureau international place refer requisition → basis " collect fees advice note " formulary pay cost.

The requisition that in registering, should refer include: 1, international of the Chinese that build official seal or signs, foreign language registers requisition each one; 2, home " brand registers card " Xerox, or " accept advice note " Xerox; 3, brand design two pieces, chromatic brand still needs two pieces to add chromatic design; 4, entrust brand representative orgnaization to deal with, still should refer brand representative a power of attorney.

Dealing with what the attention wants in this one application is: 1, main body qualification of the applicant. The applicant should have in our country true and effective industrial and commercial business place; If do not have, due abode; If do not have abode, the applicant is due our country citizenship. Blame " Madrid is allied " the countryman of member country, if be in our country to have its joint-stock or solely invested enterprise, also can put forward international to register application through brand bureau. 2, the brand that application international registers must have started brand to register application process in our country. 3, international is registered application should be registered with national base or fundamental application content agrees. The commodity that anounced commodity and service should register with home and service are same the commodity that perhaps do not exceed home to apply for or registers and service limits. If home applies for or those who register is the same brand in different commodity or service category, when application international is registered, can refer an international to register application, the commodity that anounces home distinct category or service fill in to register requisition to go up in this international by category order. 4, can state requirement lien. When the applicant is applying for international to register, if with home the brand that put forward registers application,be apart time did not exceed 6 months, so when the applicant is carrying border going abroad to register application, can ask lien, but should offer home " accept advice note " Xerox.
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