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What is electronic material

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  electron material is to point to the material that uses in electronic technology and microelectronics technology, include semiconductor material, interpose report data, press material of stuff of report and ferroelectric material, magnetic material, certain metal, high polymer and other and relevant data, among them the most important is semiconductor material.
In electron and microelectronics technology, semiconductor material basically is used make the parts of an apparatus such as the detector of laser of transistor, integrated circuit, solid state. Invented vacuum dynatron 1906, established the foundation that electronics of radio of on this century half leaf develops, but the equipment bulk ponderosity that uses vacuum tube, specific power consumption big, fault rate is high. Invented semiconductor transistor 1948, make electronic equipment is quantified trend miniaturization, gently, the province can be changed, 1/1000000 what the power comsumption of transistor is valve only. Appeared 1958 integrated circuit. The development of integrated circuit brought the small miniaturization of the computer, make human society lifted the one page with information new era thereby. The main material that makes integrated circuit at present is silicon single crystal. The major attribute of silicon is mechanical intensity the reserves in good, nature abounds sex of tall, crystallization, cost is low, and can be pulled make the silicon single crystal that gives large size. Can say, silicon material is the cornerstone of circuit of large scale integration.
Silicon is admittedly those who take is endless, use not the raw material of exhaust, but compound semiconductor material, after if arsenic changes gallium,becoming afterwards silicon probably the 2nd kind of the most important semiconductor material. Because be compared with silicon photograph, arsenic changes gallium to have taller forbidden band width, consequently arsenic changes gallium clamour parts of an apparatus to be able to be used at higher working temperature, have taller electronic mobility as a result of it again, can use at the requirement so the circumstance of more high frequency rate and taller switch speed, this also makes it becomes the crucial material of computer of production high speed. Arsenic changes the photoemission that a character with gallium mainer material is it, can make it becomes laser illuminant, this is the key that realizes fiber-optic communication. Consequently predicting arsenic changes the 90 time that alive Ji Zhi hands in gallium material to will have a great progress.
Below high vacuum condition, use an element fast extension (MBE) , deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) , fluid photograph is denotative (LPE) deposit of gas phase of metallic organic chemistry (MOCVD) , chemical bundle of extension (CBE) wait for a method, in on crystal underlay one cascade a ground grows the film that gives different material comes, every have a few atomic layers only, such growth the material that come out makes exceed crystal lattice material. The occurrence that exceeds crystal lattice develops those who be semiconductor material, parts of an apparatus the heaven and earth that open up updates.
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