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Light accuses switch and photoelectricity switch

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1. Can accuse switch not to belong to photoelectricity switch solely certainly above all.

2. photoelectricity switch is the change that is changed into telegraphic date through the change luminous intensity will realize pilot.

It is to use object be detectinged to be opposite infra-red beam of light (divisional dot) shading or reflex, by synchronism loop choosing is connected and detect of the object have without, its object not metal of be confined to, all can detect to all objects that can reflex the light.

Photoelectricity switch is in usually, 3 parts are formed, their cent is: Transmitter, receiver and detect circuit.

The basis detects of means different, infrared photoelectricity switch can divide for:

1) . Switch of photoelectricity of diffuse reflection type

2) . Lens reflexes type photoelectricity switch

3) . To shooting type photoelectricity switch

4) . Switch of groovy type photoelectricity

5) . Switch of fiber-optic type photoelectricity

3. light accuses switch, its " " and " close " be rely on silicon controlled rectifier guide connect and block breaks those who will come true, and of silicon controlled rectifier guide connect and block is broken is to suffer natural light (divisional dot) brightness (or factitious brightness) size place pilot. This device suits to regard corridor of street, dormitory or other as public floodlight, the control action that shines to day extinguish night since, with managing with report.

The environment that 4. photoelectricity switch applies is to affect its the fundamental condition of long-term job dependability. Leave condition at range finding of the biggest check when photoelectricity switch job when, because lens meets optics be adhered by the contamination in the environment, can be corroded by material of sex of a few strong acid even, down to reduces use parameter character. But light accuses switch not to suffer " check range finding leaves " the influence of this one index.

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