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Switch and insert receive a basic technical terms

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  overview: Switch and insert receive norms sort is rife. Besides knife digit, mode of operation, beyond the main demand such as structural dimension, still to switch more detailed technique asks.
Technical meaning:

1 capacity

  ----Include rated voltage, rated electric current and rated power. What they point to is in switch whack issues allowable voltage electric current, and laden power.

Should special point out, status of this kind of regular job includes the working frequency that switch allows, with working life. Do not make a specification in technical index when, what point to is load of pure block sex, when the load that allow a gender, answer capacitance spark electric current to consider, when perceptual load, press a consideration to passing for an instant. Of special purpose, be like color television mains switch, mix to instantaneous surge electric current be able to bear or endure electric arc made specific provision, surge electric current is 16 times of rated electric current, time is 10 millisecond.

To the other switch except mains switch, its electric current is in commonly 500MA less than, attaint form is hot attaint commonly, and of power switch cross capacity attaint form to basically be behaved to contact partial burn down.

2 contacts resistor

  ----"The contact is right " conductor the resistor that appear becomes osculatory resistor.

General requirement contacts resistor to be under 10-20 Mohm. Some switch ask to be under 100-500uohm. Some circuit are very sensitive to contacting the change of resistor. Should point out, the osculatory resistor of switch is be in in switch a certain number of second the contacts resistor maximum that allows in the contact.

3 insulation resistance:

Lock up the resistor that appear to appointing the dielectric between conductor, normally the requirement is to be more than 100-10000 million Europe.

4 compression and the intensity that fight report

-- be worth to appointing the lowest that voltage bears between conductor. General requirement is more than 100-500 bend over, ask to be in to designation place above of 3000 bend over.

5 movings moment of force:

The needs the smallest force that makes switch is changed. The requirement of general switch is 500-1500 gram, lighter requirement is overcome in 50-400 / centimeter. When the moment of force of switch is too large, can bring greater ` spirit pressure to handlers,

6 life:
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