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Roll report of test of productivity of spin-drier of the mud that press type

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Roll report of test of productivity of spin-drier of the mud that press type

Use boil press spin-drier (model 1-900/0750A) 1. Experiment mud uses water quality to purify a factory to condense mixture mud, did not condense mixture mud, mud, 2 heavy mud sink first, and the mud after dilute; Mud of excrement and urine; Mixture mud (use A/O craft) . Mud inputs mud chamfer with intermittent means. Garrulous coagulates the garrulous that deserves to have 0.2 % of 0.1 % ~ in agent chamfer coagulates agent. Mud and garrulous coagulate the agent inputs mixture chamfer at the same time, mix completely what make, form garrulous body. The mud after garrulous coagulates inputs aqueduct to undertake dehydration, after slimy cake eduction outside carry comes fill bury, filtrate emits into sewage plant to undertake handling into water.

Roll the mud after pressing garrulous of means of intermittence of spin-drier experiment mud to coagulate to mix mud

One. Overview
The meaning of 1.1 mud dehydrate
In sewage disposal process, produce a large number of mud, the 0.5 % of 0.3 % ~ that its amount occupies processing water to measure about are controlled (moisture content makes an appointment with 97 % ) . In the total construction cost of sewage treatment plant, the agreement that is used at handling mud occupies 20 % ~ 50 % , occupy 70 % even. So mud handles the main component that is sewage disposal system, must give take seriously adequately. Mud contains many harmful and toxic substance, wait like helminth egg, heavy metal; Useful material is like plant nutriment, organic matter and moisture. The purpose that mud handles is to make mud is decreased quantity, stable, harmless change, reach use integratedly. The unit process that uses normally has: Condense, stable, mud adjustment, dehydrate.
Mud classics condenses, there still is ~ of about 95 % after digesting the water content of 97 % , bulk still very big. To be used integratedly and deal with finally, need to make water treatment to mud. The action of dehydration is grain of mud of purify consist in and the water inside grain, the dehydrate that makes the physical function of the mud of liquid state changes half solid state, ideal thereby ought to be utmost ground water purify, at the same time the solid grain of mud ought to withhold the slimy cake after dehydration to go up entirely, ask what this kind of operation spends investment lowest.

The type of 1.2 mud spin-drier reachs a characteristic
Mud machinery dehydrate is with filtering difference of medium double pressure serves as impetus, make mud moisture is passed compulsively to filter medium, form filtrate; And solid grain is held back to be on medium, form filter cake, achieve the purpose of dehydration thereby. Method of mud machinery dehydrate has law of true suction filter, filter-press law and centrifugal process to wait.
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