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The harm of boiler fan noise reachs pre-test of countermeasure of its prevention

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Author: Liu Rongmei Shi Jingnan
Summary: Point source of boiler fan noise is much, decibel is tall, it is the main factor that causes environmental letter to visit. The article sets out from the prevention and cure of boiler fan noise, the harm that discussed fan noise and fall a confusion of voices is energy-saving and integrated processing technology.

Keyword: Fan, noise, harm, prevention and cure

Summary: Some Sources Of Air Blower Noise Of The Boiler Are Many, decibelIs High, the Important Factor Which Causes The Environmental Letters And VisitsFrom The Masses. This Text Proceeds From Prevention And Cure Of The Air BlowerNoise Of The Boiler, has Described The Danger Of The Noise Of The Air BlowerAnd Energy-conserving Technology Of Comprehensive Harnessing Of Noise Reduction.

Keyword: Air Blower, noise, danger, preventing And Curing

Be in a lot of enterprises at present, suffer industrial production and heating demand, the installation of boiler, use gain ground very much. But because a lot of boiler are put in optional location to owe performance of beautiful zephyr plane undesirable wait for an element, the dweller's quiet all round boiler noise influence job, surroundings, damage people healthy, often cause faze civilian incident, generation dispute. Classics statistic, 30% what the letter that my area caused because of noise 2004 visits a case to occupy environmental letter to visit a case. Accordingly, processing of boiler fan noise is increasingly important.

1, the harm of environmental noise pollution

The noise influence to human body and harm can be divided commonly for labor protection and environmental protection two respects, what harm person points to in front is healthy, bring about the happening of all sorts of diseases, latter shows interference environment is quiet, affect the job with regular people and life. Noise endangers main show to be in to human body health: Scathing audition, cause noise sex deaf; Bring about pallium excitement and balance maladjusted, cerebral blood-vessel function is damaged, bring about neurasthenic; Injure cardiovascular system, cause digestion maladjusted, the influence is endocrine; The life with disturb people normal, rest, the language chats and day-to-day work learns, dispersive attention, reduce work efficiency.

2, the fundamental that noise administers

Forming noise pollution basically is 3 elements, namely: Agency of acoustical source, transmission and receive body. Have this only 3 person exist at the same time, ability forms interference to auditor. From proceed with of this tripartite face, break noise through reducing transmission of noise of acoustical source, limitation, block receive wait for a method, will achieve the purpose that controls noise, the technology is controlled to go up in specific noise, can use sound absorption, sound insulation and noise elimination 3 kinds of measure.
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