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System of development nation numerical control revitalizes national economy

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Numerical control system is the soul of machinery of advanced manufacturing industry and cerebra, to national economy development is had surmount its the strategic meaning of huge economy value. Numerical control system involves an area very wide, arrive from numerical control machine tool professional numerical control is rigid, presswork, pack, spin, of all kinds product is made etc, so huge market is enterprise of domestic and international numerical control the reason of constant both open strife and veiled struggle. In the past tens of year our country ever also threw several yuan to begin numerical control to tackle key problem, but overall train of thought still introduces foreign technology, and the discrimination policy that abroad adopts dumping of limitation of technical block, high-grade product, cheap product all the time however to our country. Abroad of blind follow the lead of, can lag behind only take a beating, person of be enslaved to be enslaved to, the only outlet of industry of Chinese numerical control, take the route of own innovation namely, the property of numerical control of China of core Technical Promotion that uses him Chinese!
The technology of innovation and product, mean newly emerging things, want to be agreed with to be the process of a special hardship by industry and user. A lot of have the positive result of innovation scientific research of first-rate market prospect, eliminate science and technology without unremitting ground as a result of the person that innovate achievement is changed and the hard dangerous and difficult road in industrialization process, final by lay aside and neglect. Achievement of science and technology is to be below lab environment, emphasize at the implementation of technical function; The product changes a requirement to face harsh use environment and Protean applied object, contented user is right stability, dependability, practical model, the requirement that appropriate compares with gender and tall sex price; Industrialization asks the product turns production in dimensions in the process, build network of the after service before producing guarantee system of craft, quality and carry out, final and occupational market.
Examine the condition with current system of our country numerical control objectively, combine the environment that current and macroscopical economy runs our country and condition, analyse industry characteristic and industrial character correctly, take proper policy and step, it is the base that industry of system of our country numerical control expands further.
Industry of system of homebred numerical control wants development to rise, not be development of simple business of some home numerical control rises, however whole of industry of system of Chinese numerical control progresses jointly. The user is insufficient to confidence of system of homebred numerical control, not be to be opposite which, do not approbate to system of whole and homebred numerical control however. Present state is company of system of homebred numerical control in low end the market is killed life-and-death, and cannot condense together, contend in market of medium, high end and foreign system. We think, have solidarity of homebred company of numerical control system only, just have actual strength and foreign system competition. Below the big environment atmosphere that encourages own innovation in the country, the user feels to back the obligation that industry of homebred numerical control is him, turn into to choose system of homebred numerical control actively from passivity. Had the support of the user, system of homebred numerical control just can develop quickly rise. Supporting ethical product or the issue that use foreign brand to go up, compatriots is having ceaseless controversy. In respect of numerical control system, familiar to the ear can be the Xi Menzi of detailed, 3 water chestnut, loose below, the cerebra that Shinaide, AB is holding a large number of markets and mechanical manufacturer etc, trust international brand, reduce the risk after oneself make work, promote oneself the train of thought that the product is savoured still is a lot of businessmen. Ethical brand expands slowly ceaselessly in the environment of this hardships and dangers. Below this kind of circumstance, the author understood Guangzhou to vacating limited company of numerical control technology, in printing machine domain of system of instrument numerical control starts this, rely on institute of automation of Guangdong industry university to grow slowly, rely on oneself puerile shoulder, from intermittent type (full cycle) printing machine controls systematic research and development to succeed and promotion begins, contend with photograph of product of numerous world famous brand ceaselessly up to now, experience the hardships that develops him brand in this environment deeply. Pay have results eventually, guangzhou is vacating numerical control enterprise of this burgeoning numerical control can perfect him ceaselessly, to more domain stride, the affirmative meeting development as course of study of ethical numerical control and more expand!
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