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Product of source control of report of force of aggrandizement China research an

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Circuit of digital report source control is paid close attention to because of its distinct advantage by industry, the product of digital power source of ADI is in framework and used sexual respect easily to achieve a breakthrough. ADI establishs power source to develop a center in Shanghai, standardized form showed market of China of this company base oneself upon, nearby to serve management strategy of the client.

ADI (Yadenuo) the product of chip of power source government of the company uses range very extensive, be in especially industrial control, wireless base the domain such as station and portable application has an advantage more. In addition, the chip of digital report source control of ADI also offerred new alternative for the client. In the process of development China market, ADI company more witnessed what Chinese power source runs the market to grow considerably, will provide excellent service to Chinese client continuously.

Advantage of chip of digital report source control apparent

In recent years, digital power source manages IC (integrated circuit) get in industry more and more attention, its are main the reason is, digital control can offer traditional imitate to control the original dominant position that the technology cannot compare, be like online but process designing ability, more advanced control algorithm, better efficiency is optimized, higher operation spirit is spent definitely and function of intelligence of dependability, outstanding system government, system is mixed power source operating ring the communication between the section, and taller compositive the smaller bulk that spends place to bring and lower cost.

This year, ADI rolled out product of digital power source -- , ADP1043 number PWM (pulse width modulation) parts of an apparatus of power source management. It achieved two big breakthroughs at product of current digital power source relatively: It is the SoC that it uses special design (systematic level chip) dominate chip, DSP is used in replacing traditional plan (digital signal processor) / MCU (small controller) have digital pilot kind; 2 it is it can use GUI(graph user interface) means, make an engineer OK configure parameter of systematic power source inside a few minutes. Even if the power source engineer with process designing less experience also can use GUI monitoring and adjust power source function quickly, if frequency, sequential, voltage is installed,restrict with protection.

According to application of power supply of area of ADI big China and administrative inspector general Dr. Di Zhijun introduces, the engineer that product of digital power source is popularizing medium one big obstacle to pursue power source products plan namely often unaccustomed undertake process designing at using software, and the GUI that ADI company defines and ADP1043 framework can help power source design an engineer to develop intelligence, get used to solution of power source government oneself, report well and truly thereby parameter information, and need not use C or other language to undertake process designing. ADP1043 can satisfy requirement of system of high reliability power supply, in these systems, digital power source has remarkable control and monitoring advantage, offer competitive advantage for server, memory and communication infrastructure application.
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