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"Lukewarm city is made " aid a god repeatedly 6 spirits of 5 minds 7 " flying Ap

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Yesterday, delixiji is round administrator of 4 high levels regards product of relevant electric equipment as the supplier, in heading for wine spring satellite to blast off on invitation, the heart is watched " god 7 " blast off. Serving in succession at " god 5 " , " god 6 " , " goddess in the moon " after waiting for spaceflight project, "Wen Zhou is made " assist again " god 7 " flying Apsaras.

2002, "Delixi " sign agreement of purchase and sale of product of relevant electric equipment with this center, the product will serve at " god 5 " , " god 6 " blast off. 2005, "Delixi " it is again " god 7 " blast off offer the electric equipment product such as cable of whole set of equipment, wire and high-pressured component.

Disclose according to this enterprise, the heart is special in blasting off to let a product accord with environmental requirement, besides be produced strictly according to blueprint, "Delixi " still undertake controlling to raw material origin, raw material is purchased must technical personnel is accompanied. In the meantime, the product that production gives should detect each times twice, each have technical responsibility person.

Besides " Delixi " , " peaceful " , " flying plan " product of isothermal city electric equipment also helps strength " god 7 " . Since 2003, " peaceful " high low-pressure electric equipment of production already served wait for an orgnaization 101 times at academy of technology of experiment of spaceflight of academy of Chinese delivery technology, Beijing. These products basically apply manufacturer room, active force room and power system and radar station to go up. Product accumulative total wins the bid amount amounts to 20 million yuan.

2001, "Flying plan " in becoming satellite of spring of national Xi Chang, wine to blast off, the heart assigns a vendor, basically offer the product such as explosion proof electric equipment and explosion proof lamps and lanterns, become to enter a satellite to launch company of explosion proof electric equipment.

This year in January, satellitic emissive center asks " flying plan " for " divine boat 7 " offer explosion proof electric equipment and explosion proof lamps and lanterns. "Flying plan " the development that passes two months, make the product achieved brightness the requirement with tall, inferior temperature rise, ensure seasonable delivery.

   Relevant report

Zhejiang civilian look forward to is taken an active part in " god 7 " flying Apsaras

24 days, the two technologies staff that peaceful wave day brings a group hurries off to wine spring satellite to launch a center, for " god 7 " be defeated change electric equipment is done detect finally and experiment. Bring the technical staff of the group besides the day, the high level of the sale of Zhejiang company be put in charge such as group of explosion proof of round, flying plan leads Delixiji, also hurry to emissive base in these two days, search cooperate the next time opportunity.
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