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Electronic technology will make the car makes electric equipment

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As the development of car electron, future 20 years the car will produce 10 ~ to change breathtakingly. The biggest change is the category that surmounts car electron, implementation relies on the car of electric power drive. Saying with its is report and software changed a car, be inferior to saying is the car makes electric equipment. In other words, prospective car will join with power system photograph. Traditional gasoline engine car turns into mixture motor vehicle mixes motor vehicle with the type that plug phone, the development blue print that final development is pure electric car is actualer and actualer. In the developmental process of the car, which electron technology will have crucial effect?

Saying with its is report and software changed a car, be inferior to saying is the car makes electric equipment.

Of course, other development blue print also is in implementation. Still have clean derv car and biology fuel car for instance. Fuel cell car has some of feeling that sings minor role. As long as power supply infrastructure is enough and perfect, the drive that electromotor can say is relatively ideal vehicle is sent move implement, the train had proved this before 100 years.

If considering so, even if is undertake comparative in all development blue print, by of mixture motor vehicle inserts electric type to mix motor vehicle phase, the speculation that grows to pure electric car finally is highly competitive. This puts those who bring in crude spurt in prices to press action of course among them, as the drawing near that peak of lake of Hokkaido hole father meets, direction of this kind of development also is invented more truly.

After car and power system are linked together, the function of the car also can produce change. The car will be become " short when charge for many times of travel, the vehicle that is similar to light course " . What is the distinction of the train and car? The train is edge travel edge from exterior the vehicle that acquires energy, and the vehicle that the car is travel of energy of the much on the belt.

Traditional car adds full benzine but 500km of ~ of successive travel 400k, speed per hour is as high as 160km. Because the target of car manufacturer is implementation " whenever why He Ren " the car that can drive. But now, do all cars need the property of this kind of level? Considering actual use, actually a lot of people think, the car needs travel 20km left and right sides 1 day only, speed per hour is highest achieve 100km to control can.

Although in Sahala arenaceous desert center also can develop desert function to configure,the car that has 500km of ~ of successive travel 400k is. Drive in the city this kind of car is wasteful simply. Speak of low harbour every time can when the topic of the car, total someone says " in case the sources of energy is extinct anchorred how to do " , but how many person can run to a place that cannot charge when anchor? It is OK that people needs to undertake choosing according to his need only.
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