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Low-pressure breaker is visible the research of emulation system

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Visible emulation technology is integrated computer image learns, a of the many domains such as image processing, CAD, interactive technology brand-new technology domain. The article studied this kind of new technology applies mediumly in low-pressure electric equipment. According to the physical process of the electric arc when low-pressure breaker leaves, built the electric arc model that with magnetic fluid kinetic MHD is a foundation and the model of backside puncture physics that give priority to with thermal breakdown. Rise this kind of emulation algorithm and union of three-dimensional visible technology, the electric arc motion in opening a process to low-pressure breaker had visible emulation research.

Key word: Breaker visible emulate

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Visible copy is the technical domain with 90 brand-new time really. It is to involve computer image to learn, a of the many domains such as vision of graphical processing, CAD, computer and interactive technology brand-new technology domain. The domain is designed in the project, visible emulate or scientific computation is visible the data that is defined to be pair of scientific computation or emulation computation place to obtain has visible treatment or three-dimensional graph and animation show, can pass interactive the panorama that change parameter will come to inspect computational result and its change. Because scientific computation is visible,have all in all meaning and economic value to the development of each course and project technology, what consequently this kind of technology appears to get people at the beginning in it is great take seriously.

Implementation science calculative is visible the important sense that has many sided. It can accelerate the processing speed of data greatly, make voluminous data gets be usinged effectively; Can cannot or the physical mechanism that the project phenomenon that observes not easily turns into to make people can discover and be produced by research target place, put forward to improve the concrete step of the design thereby; Can realize the guiding of pair of computation processes and control, through the graph alternate means can go to the lavatory to change design and calculative quickly primitive data and condition, show and observe through three-dimensional graph or animation the change is primitive data is right the influence with design and research basic and characteristic target, will achieve an object to optimize the purpose of the design. Origin: ? of pole of uncut jade of Mian Lai white

Of low-pressure electric equipment destroy arc room is average by implement the wall forms a closet, electric arc opens a process destroying arc is indoor undertake, and time is very short, have observation very hard with naked eye, should master mensurably especially and understanding destroys arc is indoor like pressure of electric arc temperature, ionic chroma, gas, the physical parameter such as air current speed changes, criterion difficulty is greater. In recent years, because magnetic fluid is kinetic (MHD) the progress of numeric analysis, the physical maths model that makes people relies on electric arc comes electric equipment of imitate low pressure opens a process to become a possibility, if emulate this kind,algorithm and union of three-dimensional visible technology rise, can make destroy arc is indoor of electric arc open a process to be shown on computer screen come, let people observe electric arc is destroying arc is indoor athletic condition, and temperature, shed cloth of field divide into equal parts and metabolic circumstance, low-pressure this pair henceforth electric equipment destroys the design of arc room has great sense.
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