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Shanghai electric research and development obtains a breakthrough implementation

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The equipment of nuclear island key that serves as nuclear power plant -- the component inside caboodle achieved a breakthrough in Shanghai electric group, this was equipment of complete set of island of nucleus of our country own research and development to stride ahead again one pace.

Shanghai is electric announced yesterday, study by Chinese nuclear power the designing institute is own design, Shanghai is electric factory of the first machine tool limited company (next weighing " factory of the first machine tool " ) production first nucleus island is crucial equipment -- Qin Shan 2 period the component inside 3 aircrew caboodle carries extend project smoothly check and accept leave factory, implementation is all and homebred change, indicating reactor of report of our country nucleus is crucial the design of equipment makes a technology reach international level.

Sun Zhongfei of general manager of plant of the first machine tool discloses, the component inside caboodle will offer our country directly technology of cable of the 3rd acting nucleus, namely project of two when technology of house company AP1000 gives priority to the United States on the west 1 billion made of baked clay nuclear power plant.

The construction cent of large nuclear power plant is two big move: It is nuclear island, the nuclear reactor that says normally namely, the technology that at present our country uses is the United States on the west company of A Haifa of house, France and export of Russia nuclear energy; 2 it is the equipment except nuclear island, call groovy island device again, its core is generation set. Because groovy island and igneous phone equipment are similar, its make basic implementation homebred change, but in a few products of nuclear island equipment still are being debugged and developing a process.

The component inside caboodle is island of nucleus of nuclear power plant " heart " , its use nuclear class stainless steel and nickel base alloy, it is collect nicety treatment, nicety solders at an organic whole, exterior pressure vessel of another mount nucleus island important equipment.

The component inside caboodle is comprised by 10 thousand many spare partses, "The degree of casting forging nicety that difficulty machines in its, craft belongs to international advanced level, " Lv Yachen of Shanghai electric vice-president says to our newspaper reporter, "This year, the enterprise had solved the material problem of large forging, this advanced the production of nuclear island equipment to lay a foundation again for the company. This advanced the production of nuclear island equipment to lay a foundation again for the company..

Develop to accelerate nuclear cable industry, shanghai is electric 2005 will subordinate concerned nucleus report, war industry board piece close to recombine, establish plant of the first machine tool. This company is home can be made exclusively now " 2 generation are added " the component inside nuclear island caboodle of the technology and the company that control marvellous actuating device, be nuclear power plant of hill of the Qin Dynasty, mountain bay nuclear power plant, Pakistan to just hope Ma nuclear power plant offer high grade product.
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