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7 be raised to the skies show the spirit latent capacity of solar energy of Chin

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Power station of aerospace solar energy is to use satellitic technology, change solar energy into electric energy in aerospace, pass the system that the earth uses for the mankind with some kind of means next. Once build, become a kind " those who take is endless " clean the sources of energy. Our country " god 7 " " spacewalk " experiment, from long-term in light of, aerospace walks is the crucial technology measure that our country gets the sources of energy from aerospace.

Power station of aerospace solar energy is the main way that the mankind gets the sources of energy

"The Christian era 2307, fossil fuel is already dried up, the mankind begins to use large-scale aerospace solar energy to generate electricity the system regards new energy as origin, but from which the allied country that indebted just is one part big country and them... " this is Japanese famous sci-fi " motor-driven soldier is as high as " fly a sign mediumly.

In martial domain, solar energy has the effect that cannot replace to spacecraft of for military use. Be in in order to use the spaceflight system that the satellite gives priority to all many sided such as atmosphere of fixed position of communication, navigation, early-warning, military affairs are having the effect that cannot replace, will become the hold the balance factor of decision victory or defeat more in prospective war. However, these spacecraft that load martial task (the spacecraft such as station of satellite, airship, space, space shuttle) cannot leave electric energy to maintain its to work normally instantly. The battery that carries oneself as a result of spacecraft itself wants sooner or later extinct, accordingly solar energy becomes the indispensable the sources of energy that spacecraft is able to work normally. Office of aerospace of American state security (NSSO) is right the martial utility of aerospace solar energy is interested. The small beam that space power station transmits an earth relatively concentration, so if the soldier that goes up to battlefield deserves to send receving antenna, they can charge to equipment with microwave at any time. Additional, aerospace solar energy also can offer advantage for the martial base of outlying area. And be in these areas, the cost of every degrees of report is in means of traditional power supply 1 dollar above.

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