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Chengdu of capacitor of transmit electricity of fill home blank high pressure is

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High-pressured dc transmit electricity has transmission space loss of far, circuitry is small " specialty " , suit to solve the transmit electricity of remote, high-power with in short supply the sources of energy particularly, however, because the research and development of capacitor of high-pressured transmit electricity is produced,still be in blank in home before, restricted the promotion of high-pressured dc transmit electricity badly to use. And as " Chengdu is built " the research and development of the CBB95 series capacitor that high-pressured transmit electricity uses is successful, such corner will not answer exist.

Reporter yesterday from city family assist know, city family assist the 7th congress will be held in Chengdu at tomorrow. As city family assist the 5th " Jin Qiao project " the project of CBB95 series capacitor that the high-pressured transmit electricity of outstanding project uses, already threw successfully in Xi'an and other places nowadays move, cast off congener equipment to rely on the situation of the entrance for a long time.

   "Chengdu is built " capacitor fill home is blank

"The canal of high-power brilliant brake that place of a powerful person of commutate of equipment of high-pressured transmit electricity needs and capacitor, it is the bottleneck that restricts promotion of transmit electricity of domestic high pressure all the time, and the research and development of whole project, our around used 34 years of time. " yesterday, chief tells light of Chengdu of unit of project research and development the reporter related institute of electron of great electric power, after batches of classics is small development, experiment, "Chengdu is built " the product dielectric loss of the CBB95 series capacitor that high-pressured transmit electricity uses is small, calorific small, compression is advanced advantage, reached level of foreign congener product, can use completely at equipment of high-pressured dc transmit electricity.

"At present, the transmit electricity product of this completely own intellectual property, had used in the urban investment such as Xi'an, can replace congener entrance product completely, cast off foreign technology forestall. " yesterday, the project takes analysis of controller of Electric Energy Association of electric power of bridge unit Chengdu, blank of this fill home is own intellectual property product, for equipment of high-pressured dc transmit electricity homebred change offerred assure, to come true " on the west report east send " provided technical support, "Current, this product had acquired an international market ' ticket ' , with deliberate of company of power of Fa of French A sea ' allied ' cooperate. with deliberate of company of power of Fa of French A sea ' allied ' cooperate..

The reporter understands, as " golden bridge project " outstanding project, city family assist the respect waits in technology, capital, market, for the enterprise own innovation levels road. At present, institute of electron of Chengdu light great electric power will add two series new product, year innovation production value 10.8 million yuan, below existence condition, if add craft and manufacturing facilities newly, can achieve production value every year 20 million above.
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