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Xiang Zhonggao of ceaseless progress home carries oscillograph technology advanc

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Group of Chinese oscillograph industry wants to be contended for below market economy condition position, not only the product current situation that wants company of accurate analysis abroad and development trend, even the market of anatomize home and demand situation, cannot follow suit blindly, should the actual level that be practical and realistic analyses him, research and development accords with Chinese market distinguishing feature, contented China user the product of demand of each administrative levels.

Oscillograph measures an instrument as time-domain electron, measuring domain application extremely extensive, the research and development that no matter be electronic circuit,reachs electronic information system, experiment, groom, still be production is made, breakdown is diagnosed, the experiment detects wait for a place, can see the figure of oscillograph everywhere.

Collect high to tall bandwidth model speed is muti_function way develops

Innovate as the abidance of information and communication technology with development, of of all kinds occupation standard introduce ceaselessly, the technology of the respect such as ongoing hair, design and production mixes the terminal product such as communication equipment, computer and consumptive electron environmental demand is higher and higher also, also raise taller requirement to the application of oscillograph thereby.

Gu Cheng of Han of vise general manager of limited company of group of instrument of electron of Jiangsu green raise is being accepted " Chinese electron signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, express, oscillograph regards the base that measures a domain as the instrument, its development should get used to the demand of the electronic Information Industry of flying development. Oscillograph technology develops a trend to basically have the following: Look from function, the first, lead development to tall bandwidth, tall sampling, most representative T70000 series reachs 8000 series, bandwidth is highest can accomplish 20GHz, sampling rate amounts to 50GS/s, indicating oscillograph is OK undertake to signal of microwave, photoelectricity high speed is measured with accurate modal analysis; The 2nd, oscillograph weaveform captures rate rises greatly, capture rate by every passageway 10 years ago thousands of frame, develop present every channel 300 thousand frame, breakdown offerred random of data of this rock-bottom to searching information system relevant node, abiogenesis intermittence to be searched quickly analyse with effective statistic, raised breakdown to diagnose efficiency; The 3rd, resolved the contradiction of sampling rate and memory deepness, previously, sampling rate is high, memory capacity is small, used at present inside embed high-powered microprocessor CPU and RAM (random access memory) high speed is large-scale FPGA (the spot but array of process designing door) ASIC (special integrated circuit) design technology, use fast section to store technology and hard disk store, resolved this one contradiction. The core processing system of contemporary oscillograph signal " collect memory -- processing is analysed -- indication control " whole process is collateral the job, running water changes exercise to use hardware to come true entirely, together with is other the application of new technology, rate of already solid now highest now sampling and tall capture below the circumstance of rate, real time stores deepness expands greatly, DSO/DSA90000A series oscillograph of An Jielun has been accomplished fall in 40GS/s sampling rate, every passageway achieves the memory deepness of 1G at the same time, those who realized data of high speed magnanimity is complete capture, accurate real time show and parameter analysis.
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