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Power source technology will satisfy prospective requirement

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In power electron industry, market of built-in AC/DC power source is one of the stablest markets normally. But, a lot of application, technology, business affairs and administrative trend are opposite now this big and stable market produces collective effect, bring opportunity and menace for it at the same time. Among them the most popular trend is power source wattage is growing, and pay attention to power efficiency more.
According to Darnell group newest report of issuance AC/DC power source, the whole world embeds market of AC/DC power source will rise the 14.8 billion dollar 2011 from the 11.8 billion dollar 2006. Year increase rate is 5.8% . But, double what 500W above embeds the growth rate of AC/DC power source is integral market, although its price fall rate is the rapiddest. This kind of trend that turns to taller wattage is driven by the application of rapid growth, include power supply of net of bit server, aether (PoE) and data storage.
IBM company is the precede person of bit server market, it is trying to consolidate through founding Blade.Org this precedes position. Blade.Org is an alliance that forms by leader of many 40 technology, include IBM, Intel, Nortel, Force10Networks to wait, this alliance will be developed and advance technologies of next generation razor blade. Bit server is creating all sorts of opportunities for AC/DC power source, the 14% growth that predict they will take market of server power source from 2006 arrive 25% 2011.
The power supply problem of bit server makes a person pay close attention to, because of the power source of their requirement high-power. Typical bit server equipment contains inside a box 10 ~ server of 14 razor blade. Box has normally amount to 4 to be able to be heated up insert unplug reach the 2kW power supply with redundant N N. So, the frame power comsumption that installs bit server completely exceeds 20kW very easily.
Want to follow the growth of power of power supply of cutter server field, with respect to the power density that must increase power supply. On seminar of electron of 2006 economic power, the person make a speech that comes from Delta electron and AstecPower company points out, needs density is improved coming. Two companies all think, every are cubic inch 20W is today of high-end server power source fiducial, but arrive when 2010, as a result of yuan the improvement of structure of parts of an apparatus, power source and heat management field, power density can raise every cubic metre inch 40W.
High-end server is not is the exclusive application that turns tall wattage. The Internet agreement speech of ceaseless development and more Wi-Fi received the deploy of the dot to promote the growth to PoE demand. PoE (the standard is IEEE802.3af) can provide the power supply that is as high as every port 15.4W, changing power supply equipment is 12.95W usable power. Now 48 port switching equipment is very common device, should combine other data pathway by the function when, what need power to exceed 1kW. Had pushed in view of PoE tall power level, an IEEE working group is raising the power density level of PoE in the attempt. IEEE802.3at also weighs PoE-Plus, its target is to develop a kind can PoE every port power supply rises at least the standard of 30W. Such, the power level of relevant PoE power source will break up one time at least.
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