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Demand of market of whole world tool increases ceaselessly

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According to the report, demand of market of whole world tool increases ceaselessly. Among them, country of Europe, North America increases stability, especially Eastern European country; Asian market picks up somewhat, market potential is very great; Market of Latin America nation rises apparently, especially Mexico. 

Will look with technology of cutting tool product, hard alloy cutting tool replaces high-speed steel cutting tool gradually, especially circular cutting tool. The application of coating cutting tool is more and more general, among them amplitude of PVD coating cutting tool is the biggest. PCD, PCBN and growth of diamond coating cutting tool are rapid. Development of dry type cutting is very rapid, be in Europe especially. High speed treatment has a quantity to grow ceaselessly with new-style tool market. 

With tool manufacturer cooperative means looks, appear in market of new and high domain the powerful powerful combination of a lot of big companies.

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