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Russia is exhibited differentiate reasonable with each passing day be dedicated

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As Russia tool industry the the biggest, most top class international exhibits the Russia hardware tool of the meeting (InterTool) will be in Russia on October 3 at will coming on September 30 Muscovite CrocusExpo can exhibit a center to hold. Tool of Russia international hardware exhibits the communication with the most essential industry of tool of hardware be consideringed as and information platform, 2007 eleventh InterTool attracted those who come from 21 countries to make an appointment with 530 companies ginseng to exhibit reach view of more than 15000 audiences to exhibit.

A few days ago, encourage is exhibited read extensively Li Bush comes to Jeff of president of business affairs of group Europe company to China on a special trip, the purpose of his visit basically is to understand China to exhibit business demand, the answer postpones business people interrogative, will adopt measure to exhibit business to provide special service for China.

Exhibit differentiate reasonable with each passing day be dedicated to a service China postpones business

Come nearly 10 years, russia home is stable, economy grows ceaselessly, a large number of investment build an aspect in the foundation, be built with the building especially and domestic outfit is given priority to, and this growth maintains in annual 20 % left and right sides, hardware tool demand increases increasingly. And be built relative to what mature at Europe, russian market is a space big, and the hardware tool product with Russian major market is support entrance, be being exhibited to China is an exceeding the main chance for business.

Assorted of cloth of the · in Jeff says: "We visited what China International commerce promotes meeting, China to form a delegation the production base such as unit He Yongkang, Ning Bo, postpone business people the think of a way that offers them, this makes I see China exhibits business to already wanted to enter the change of Russian market to become maturity only from initial stage postpone business, they no longer blind ginseng is exhibited, they expect to get more comprehensive, more excellent service, for instance the plasticity of professional, compasses of the audience, put forward to obtain high quality to buy domestic demand. "

Assorted of cloth of the · in Jeff uses what will describe China to exhibit business meet to exhibiting at 3 o'clock to expect: The first, before the hope is exhibited, sponsor just offer about formalities of rules of Russia trade provision, customs, imports and exports; The 2nd, obtain better field service; The 3rd, the need after exhibiting sponsors a statistical report to the audience, exhibit the effect to undertake assessment to joining.

Extend the requirement of business to satisfy China, assorted of cloth of the · in Jeff expresses: 2008InterTool exhibits the requirement of business to make to China adjust, contented China joins the need that postpones a business. He says: "The first, we are right those who exhibit a house undertake adjustment: Laozhan house is located situation is more devious, the area that exhibit a house differentiates unreasonable, can move because of will be being exhibited this this year to Moscow the saloon house with the most contemporary, the most advanced establishment, Crocus exhibits a center to hold, crocus exhibits a center to be located in Moscow to develop the fastest area, a large number of audiences that assure an organization so can show up in time look around. The 2nd, china postpones business is the object that exhibits meeting key to invite, in the service that extends meeting admiral to acquire high quality, if change before the position that China exhibits a house, china exhibits a group to will be arranged to be in a house advocate passageway, be close to audience registry office and seminar assembly room. Exhibit meeting site to set Chinese house to indicate a shop sign, let more audience know Chinese house. Next, mix freely before exhibit the Russian that the crucial sale catchword that business offers, information, poster unfurls for China in exhibiting translates the job. Assure to respond to China to extend the information requirement of business inside 24 hours. The 3rd, exhibit through different sale kind and encourage read extensively group network, promotion is exhibited meeting, development purchases business potentially. "
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