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Home appliance association: Our country energy-saving freezer amounts to world a

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A few days ago, power consumption of a day is freezer of 0.27 degrees beautiful water chestnut only, passed the appraisal of the expert appraisal group that forms by association of Chinese home appliance. Jiang Feng of secretary-general of association of Chinese home appliance thinks, this freezer again refresh the industry is energy-saving record, this means our country energy-saving freezer to had reached world advanced level.

Jiang Feng says, how to reduce freezer specific power consumption, implementation environmental protection is energy-saving, it is the technical difficult problem that Chinese freezer industry breaks through hard all the time. Current, entire industry is the freezer manufacturer with not much number only can report of bad news of batch production day 0.29 degrees freezer. This beautiful water chestnut breaks through the limit, research and development gives 0.27 degrees of freezer, again refresh freezer is energy-saving record.

As we have learned, this is known as " China is energy-saving most " freezer is not simple ground avoids cold amount prediction of a person's luck in a given year through adding thick heat-insulation layer, build however on technical innovation foundation, it used automatic sense not only lukewarm control and energy-saving protect pressure wait for technology of national level patent, still develop the product upstream to expand, match with what have compressor and freezer system for square collaboration, use agent of refrigeration system evaporator, refrigeration to fill the optimization that pour an amount to match a method.

The expert says, it is domestic freezer enterprise of the representing with company of beautiful water chestnut since 2000, comply with environmental protection the requirement of energy-saving times, in a large-scale technical innovation old standard, be dedicated to research and development energy-saving freezer. Especially beautiful water chestnut accumulated much valuable experience in energy-saving domain, have automatic feeling lukewarm control and energy-saving protect approach the national level that waits for research and development of multinomial proper motion energy-saving and patent technology, challenge energy-saving technology base to be restricted ceaselessly inside the industry, in freezer energy-saving respect also had good economic benefits and social beneficial result.

Jiang Feng thinks, at present homebred freezer has home market rate in successive years rises, among them the ceaseless progress that the mainest is core technology, our country energy-saving freezer has reached world advanced level.

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