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Face the current situation to defend bath product to lend high end break out of

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Should bring up the world's well-known native land company and brand

Traditional Chinese clothes assist hutch defends Gao Shiyan of project committee secretary-general to point out " high-end brand means quality value and savour value, high end defends the quality value of bath brand to mean good product quality. " he thinks, chinese Wei Yu market passes development of nearly 20 years, the share that the enterprise that defend bath holds in the international market is heavier and heavier, china had become the largest installation defending bath on the world to produce country and consumptive country. But, regard market of domestic high end as the hotel of 5 stars class of main customer, their adornment project basically chooses international to protect bath trademark however when be purchased to protecting bath product, and abandon go native land product, this is Wei Yuhang industry of a country must the brutal question with thoughtful right knead dough. As Chinese market comprehensive and open, should exchange the development of Chinese enterprise and progress with open market, bring up the world well-known company that gives China and brand. The market environment that enterprise of government, society, adornment should offer card of home made product fair competition. He still points out, defend bath forum this, the first time that defends bath industry and throughout history of fair outfit industry as China speaks, course of development of combinative China Wei Yu business and Chinese Wei Yu product decorate the applied circumstance in the project to undertake analysing in domestic high-grade building, current Chinese Wei Yu product is in selected China the unfair treatment that undergoes in project of high-grade building adornment and the numerous problem that face undertook be discussinged deep, have important sense.

The hair of enterprise and product develops form

Arrow card defends Meng Yi of bath president assistant to think, chinese Wei Yu market passes development of nearly 20 years, a lot of companies that defend bath had founded the brand that has oneself, the real estate that develops flourishingly continuously and building adornment industry also are those who defend bath market to grow provided strong safeguard, current, china defends bath clean to provide the 30 % that occupy world gross, the fittings that defend bath also occupied the 35 % left and right sides of world gross almost. Arrow card defends bath to regard the bibcock that at present China defends bath as the enterprise, model in product quality, brand waited for each respect to had had the actual strength that comparative, arrow card Wei Yu is built in numerous home got in adornment project approbate, but still facing the problem with enter domestic high-grade building to decorate a project difficult.

Already achieved exceeded abroad even level

Is association of trade of Chinese travel hotel standing director Zhang Zhijun circulates inside course of study at present " is hotel restaurant decorated can with international brand Wei Yu product get adding cent " , whether to have really go regular? What is 5 astral class hotels of Chinese decorate a level? How to undertake material is purchased? Wait for pertinent question to refer commentate. The foreign country defends bath brand to be in the pronoun that home market often is function, quality, now, the property that has had a lot of China brands at present and quality are achieved exceeded foreign brand even, strict state makes the same score general manager of department of career of Wei Yu of law favour Sha to went up to introduce China to defend bath product to use a case mediumly in high-grade adornment project to all present honored guests in forum.
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