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The difference that compares us with photograph of international cutting tool is

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According to expert analysis, the difference of our country is level sex. Main show is in, manufacturing industry still with low end manufacturing industry is given priority to, the product is add the cost is not high, it is only 26.23% . Regard exit as the our country of big country, exporting goods basically is labor concentrated model product, technical content is low. Meanwhile, the specific power consumption of our country manufacturing industry is tall however border going abroad develops level 20% to 30% .

Since entering new century, the manufacturing industry as the developed country is large-scale transfer to China, at the same time domestic manufacturing industry also quickened the pace of technical reformation, then machine tool of homebred numerical control begins to enter production field in great quantities. Subsequently an acerb contradiction rose to surface very quickly, advanced numerical control machine tool, deserve to be less than advanced homebred cutting tool, must match " foreign knife " . Chinese tool industry is like product structure of a day a few years, in new development period reveals a serious flaw eventually, pulled the hind leg of manufacturing industry modernization.

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