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Beijing metals market roughly pattern: 3 markets two streets

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Beijing metals market roughly pattern is: 3 markets two streets. Beijing has the metals market of regular operation, add up to have 3 place, be located in beyond 3 annulus road, less than of 4 annulus road.

Southeast ministry, hardware of Beijing face dragon makes electric market. Face dragon market is Beijing the earliest also be the most successful hardware makes electric market, be located in sunny area to become middle of birthday temple road, road of capital pool high speed is faced east, beijing is faced to open high speed way on the west, north is 3 annulus road, 4 annulus road is south, into be stationed in business door more than 300, on management personnel 1000 people, year on sale 100 million yuan. Basically be those who come from countrywide each district is medium young traveling trader, with retail give priority to, wholesale to aid, the price is relatively low also, run a few special variety, have competition ability quite in Beijing hardware industry.

Southwest ministry, beijing Beijing drives hardware tool city, it is Beijing covers an area of the metals market with the biggest area. Be located in the end austral island of annulus of jade spring run, face Beijing closely to open high speed way, business door comes from countrywide each district, breed photograph contrast is more complete, jockey discrepancy is convenient, the business does better more.

Upper, the century greens jade hardware Electromechanical market, the ground that is located in Haidian area and have a common boundary of Chang Ping area -- boreal beach, have on the west be about to the project of Olympic Games village of start working, face east on ground high-tech garden area, have nearly " only then peak " company of company of Fang Cheng of group, Xin, Yao and Shun, Dong Changhua strong company, as a result of advantage of favourable geographical position, sale impetus rises ceaselessly.

Hardware of road of the temple that become life a street -- it is the hardware product that fashions naturally a street. Famous businessman has on the street: Hardware of Beijing face dragon makes electric market, branch of peaceful group Beijing, limited company of Electromechanical of hardware of day cloud Shuang Xianghe, hardware of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty high Xin makes report limited company, hardware of Beijing Xin Fangcheng makes report limited company the 2nd branch, the hardware that become dragon hands in electric market to wait for businessman of hundreds hardware mechanical and electrical products.

Report of front door, crossover begins construction have a market -- front door ave is busy commercial main street from of old. The foreign famous brand that there is Peking Man Chen Wenhan to act as agent here is dynamoelectric tool, still have the dynamoelectric tool that person of Zhejiang, Jiangsu manages and small-sized machine, form this area report naturally to use a tool a street.

"Seek hegemony " of one party " each district is vassal "
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