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Construction of base of industry of products of our country hardware develops a

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20 centuries 90 time, hardware products industry is in all previous classics after reforming and opening of more than 10 years, present the state that gives rapid development, company system of ownership begins change to be give priority to with civilian battalion, enterprise seat begins Xiang Andong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong to wait for area of prior of market economy growth to center, the government of these areas begins to realise the development of characteristic industry is helpful for a government increasing finance income, the structure that is helpful for an industry is optimized, the obtain employment that is helpful for local dweller and increase income, be helpful for the benign development of region economy, make characteristic property base vigorously consequently.

According to " title of area of characteristic of Chinese hardware industry names management method " (edit draft) name method mediumly to differentiate: Of product of existing China hardware 3, namely: China is locked up (Wen Zhou) , of Chinese valve (jade annulus) , of Chinese button (either end of a bridge) ; Have base of Chinese hardware industry 8, namely: Base of industry of Chinese hardware products (small Lan) , China (water mouth) goods of stainless steel of faucet production base, China produces base (meet newly) , China (Wen Zhou) base of production of metallic crust lighter, China (Wen Zhou) razor is produced; The native place that has Chinese hardware (town) 3, namely: The countryside of Chinese slide fastener (either end of a bridge) , the countryside of Chinese hardware (always health) , the town of Chinese hardware (large new garrison post) .

Develop pattern according to what produce base each, we can differentiate base of 14 hardware production for:

(one) the history is long model. If city of Home Zhang harbor is big new garrison post is town enterprise of Su Na area starts town of prior industry satellite, with hardware build up, rely on hardware get rich, already had 70 old production histories, it is the whole nation that association grants the first " the town of hardware " . Be like again: Bring the history that makes the same score webby course of study to already had 500 years, the earliest but restrospect to great treats the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, namely the Christian era 1488, history of it may be said is long, of long standing and well established. Such base still has always bibcock of mouth of health hardware, water.

(2) be versed in after business first model. Be like: Lukewarm state city always town of fine county either end of a bridge, in 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, dare be a person first did person of either end of a bridge create market of the first small commodities of Chinese? ? Market of button of either end of a bridge, through old development, had formed now it is bibcock with button, slide fastener, the industry with of all kinds all ready economy group. As similar as this still have industry of products of new meeting stainless steel, also develop to produce base for stainless steel goods on the foundation that begins trade.
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