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Outstanding new product presents fluid airtight industry 6 characteristics

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Association of industry of weather strip of pneumatic of Chinese hydraulic pressure outstanding new product announced 2005 year entire industry a few days ago. This year shares 61 38 enterprises, products to attend choose, 34 enterprises 51 products bear the palm. Among them, hydraulic pressure industry has 18 companies 33 products, hydraulic industry 3 enterprises 3 products, pneumatic industry 4 enterprises 6 products, sealed industry 8 enterprises 8 products bear the palm. On November 26, in association of Chinese fluid airtight prize-giving ceremony was held during congress of the 5th member.

Award of outstanding new product has this year as follows a few characteristics:

It is the innovation that the foundation designs academic side and breakthrough. The Bfwh that for instance machine of Ningbo China fluid creates limited company electro-hydraulic scale of scale direction a powerful person, Bcl inserts the throttle that fit pattern; Technology of shake table of centrifugal field hydraulic pressure is in the big gradient that institute of automation of Beijing machinist job assumes to study the development with centrifugal vibration testing stand to wait theoretically is very good paradigmatic.

2 it is the equipment that supplies high-powered, high reliability for national major project, promoted our country the competition ability in relevant domain. Limited company of Yu second hydraulic pressure finishs " Pan Chenggang 340 plunge into unit of system of tubal unit hydraulic pressure repeatedly " etc is with electro-hydraulic the system of hydraulic pressure of large whole set that technology of scale control technology and computer control communication designs for core, enterprise of sufficient specification our country is dogging international is advanced level while, capable to assume the major project job with the country that finish.

3 it is to produce moral character to be able to rise, the applied domain of fundamental component and raw material expands further. The ship vessel pump of general and mechanical academy uses reversal valve of electromagnetism of Hd-4we10h73 of limited company of hydraulic pressure of boreal capital heart soft switch and Hefei the product such as weather strip of machinery of collect outfit type, have on specifications not only rise, and, pay close attention to more environmental protection, energy-saving and can develop continuously.

4 be change to high pressure, miniaturization, compositive change, energy-saving change development. Dalian coincidence implement the Yjz215 axis of the factory sheds type hydraulic pressure to change quadrature implement effective diameter is 215 millimeter, it is country's smallest hydraulic changes quadrature implement. Still have long treat hydraulic pressure, Jinan China can the new product of the company such as pneumatic.

5 it is to use new technology, new material, new structure. Ning Bo believes limited company of far industry equipment expand black lead coils material is a kind of new-style environmental protection sealed material; Nanjing beautiful fills Electromechanical equipment limited company to returned development to give Gao Shuiji new-style and complex sealed material is waited a moment.
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