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Outstanding new product presents fluid airtight industry 6 characteristics

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6 be machine - report - fluid unifinication develops further. Yu second oil grinds the car of hydraulic pressure limited company is automatic gearshift system (a powerful person of Amt) special electromagnetism is a car automatic gearshift system (one of core component of Amt) , the hydraulic pressure that is used at passing microcomputer programme controll - in rigid structure, realized car speed archives automatic switch. Still have machine of project of Tianjin at the height of power and splendour the product of the company such as limited company of Electromechanical of secret of place of machine tool of company, Beijing.

The new product that 2005 year choose, improving performance, reduce production cost, enlarge application consciousness of market of business of domain, promotion, enhanced the respect such as company competition ability to make model for the industry.

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