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Nearly 10 years, mechanical foundation product exit development is swift and violent, especially the product such as bearing, fastener, chain. L994 year, bearing exports 200 million 14.92 million dollar, than going up year of growth 45.7% , 18.9 times was 1985, year all grow 38.6% ; Fastener exports 200 million 41.05 million award yuan, than going up year of growth 46.2% , 5.3 times 1935 more sufficient, year all grow 20% ; 13.85 million dollar of chain outlet l100000000, than going up year of growth 43.5% , 40.5 times was 1985, year all grow 50.9% . Enlarge mechanical base exit, already was the pillar that this industry production bilks to develop with high speed, already formed one lot number to measure company of the considerable extroversion that gives priority to with exporting a product production.

The breed that exports in bearing is formed in, ball clumsy bear occupy bright of exit total amount 82.3% , tapered roller bearing is occupied 3.15% , plummer block is occupied 2.14% , bearing allows a photograph to roll body is occupied 7.91% , other bearing exit is very little. In fastener exit breed is formed in, bolt of Hu hammer fall from the sky is occupied 31.72% , nut is occupied 18.16% , attack snail to order oneself occupy 9% , wooden bolt is occupied 14.01% , other whorl goods is occupied 9.67% , all sorts of gasket are occupied 9.79% , the others tightens a group for other type. The breed that exports in chain is formed, bicycle chain is occupied 28.3% , roller chain is occupied 17.55% ; Tyre chain is occupied 3.35% , solder catenary is occupied 10.06% , catenary of join with a hinge is occupied 3.7% , catenary of day word link is occupied 5.84% , autocycle catenary is occupied 2.52% , the others is the spare parts of other chain and catenary. The market and the mechanical foundation that look into majority the product belongs to labor concentrated model product. The adjustment of industrial developed country as a result of industrial structure and product structure, already enlarged investment rarely; And the country with lagging industry, form economical lot size mass-produced not easy also however, and mechanical foundation it is to show bedding face wide, the product with all sorts of mechanical product form a complete set and indispensable maintenance, this enlarges exit for our country this kind of product offerred wonderful opportunity.

World mechanical base the market suffers what economy grows to pull move, demand increases steadily, the market is increasingly active, as western country economy anabiosis, market demand rises apparently, market size is very large.

World bearing year sale is controlled for 13 billion dollar, japan is country of production of the largest bearing, annual produce 600 billion yen, year export 160 billion yen, market of alive bound bearing holds very large share, but appreciate ceaselessly as a result of yen, to its exit brings very great difficulty. Before a few years our country exports bearing to Japan only 20 one 300 thousand dollar, in last few years, increase year after year, l994 year reach 7.42 million dollar, jump bearing of house our country to export the 5th big market, analyse according to experts, to 1997, japan will become our country only second child the 3rd big market of the United States, Hong Kong. Wastage of bearing of Korea, Taiwan is quite big, basically import from Japan, because yen promotes identical cause,also be, I am met to exit of these 2 markets have bigger growth, become one of main output areas. England is the biggest bearing consumption country on the world, produce bearing oneself 40 much dollars, import bearing every year from world each district even 10 much dollars, with filling its are not worth, from Japan the entrance is occupied 60% the left and right sides, european bearing sale 6.5 billion dollar, entrance bearing amounts to 2.5 billion dollar. Germany, Italy, England, Belgian, law national capital is me main market. With was 1994 exemple, our country bearing exports 10 big market is the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Japan, England, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada. 79.7% what this 10 big markets occupy our country exit to always be stuck up.
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