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Trend of new development of estate of international package machine is analysed

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Tall automation

The personage inside concerned course of study thinks, industry of prospective package machine will cooperate industrial automation trend, the technology develops will forward 4 way develop: It is mechanical function diversity. Product of industry and commerce already incline to is delicate change reach diversity, in big environment metabolic situation falls, diversity, flexibility is changed and the packer that has a variety of switch functions is planted just can get used to market demand. 2 it is group of structural design standardization, model is changed. Make full use of group of original model model changes a design, new model can be changed inside short time. 3 it is to control intelligence to change. At present package machine manufacturer uses controller of PLC power load generally, although PLC is stretch very big, but still did not have computer (contain software) has powerful function. 4 it is structural high accuracy is changed. The issue such as structural design and structural movement control closes the actor bad of package machine function, can control through motor, coder and number (NC) , dynamical load is controlled (PLC) wait for tall accurate controller to finish, moderate land makes a product outspread, install equipment direction research and development toward the bag of high-tech industry.

The company of America of GE Fanuc automation with GE infrastructure subordinate business, drove what be aimed at package machine manufacturer brand-newly " Six Degrees Of Differention " (SDD) automation solution. It has software of information of the high-powered controller, operation interface that can upgrade, factory and motion to control unit, can raise rate of package machine movement significantly, promote integral equipment efficiency. Solution of this omnibus automation helps package machine manufacturer be below the case that decides without block, development gives the efficient device that can change quickly between the batch of different measurement or product flow. Support passes updated automation system, it can lead mainstream package machine tide in functional respect, in the meantime, the person that equipment is used can have independent character, nimbleness, operation more validity, efficient, but compatibility, and support its final user is obtained more high-powered with productivity.

Tall productivity

Package machine manufacturer pays attention to development more and more the packing equipment with fast, inferior cost, development trend of future is equipment more small-sized, more flexible for emergency use, multipurpose, efficient. This trend still includes spare time, reduce cost, because this packs bound place,of pursuit is combination is changed, concise change, the portable equipment that pack. In respect of package machine automation, automation operating sequence already won wide application, if PLC equipment, data collects a system,wait.

Current, beauty of 4 powerful nation of old package machine, day, heart, meaning all takes the market and user requirement seriously very, increase the machine revolution, main index that increases productivity to regard a design as pursuit. A when improve productivity main avenue is to increase rotate speed, but increasing machine rotate speed is a complex issue; Rate is higher, odd a manufacturing cost is lower, but workshop usable floor area also rises subsequently, fault rate also rises subsequently, can make instead loss of efficiency, because this should seek site of both and best union: Machine rotate speed raises qualitative to the material of other component, dependability, function and life to also want to produce relevant effect, generally speaking, increase rotate speed 15% ~ 20% can bring a series of complex issues, what is more,the rather that electromotor rotate speed also is finite, cannot think much faster much faster. Besides increasing rotate speed, raise productivity to still can try to solve from another channel.
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