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A key opens a few Suo Suo to provide the market to need lock

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Steel car suspect tells people after hair of Zhang Dongming case, he can open 7 locks with a key. According to the condition that the reader reflects, undertake investigating to Shenyang lock market, discover a key leaves to produce the phenomenon of the lock from time to tome more, unmanned however will be in charge of.

Him key opens others chest

Reader plum gentleman mirrors: A few days ago, he and friend wash bath center to bathe to peaceful Ou Mou. Because drink excessive, mr Li overlooked his chest number, the fault regards the chest of others as oneself chest, after inserting hand card key into chest ward, chest lock was opened unexpectedly! To this, mr Li and friend Jing is gotten dumbfounded. He tells a reporter: "Fortunately the ark that what I leave at that time is a friend, still do not get thief be regardinged as otherwise? Still do not get thief be regardinged as otherwise??

A key opens many lock, what is be like now strange thing. At big area good luck presses down Cai Mou of some college undergraduate to tell a reporter, he has " twirl " , can open 6 locks on ark of 8 clothings in their dormitory. In much place college, the reporter discovers to two cars lock is installed on a lot of bicycles, ask to just know to be afraid of namely encounter " twirl " .

Each other leaves rate is high it is quality reason more

Right south tower shoe city, small on the west inn undertakes the hardware jobber of road and other places dark visit, see major lock is only on the coarse carton that pack address of Yin Yousuo factory, did not see phone of factory name, connection, certificate of approval wait. Most " one letter lock " , " crossed lock " , " chain " wait for commonly used lock, the each other that all is kept in different level opens a case.

The each other of lock leaves rate, the worth that gives people was brought insecure. Our newspaper ever had reported Zhang Dongming of steel car suspect depends on key of a provide for oneself only, open the guilty fact of 5 2 autocycle, cars one after another. Steal car great robber at two when big police seizes Sun Jingwei, Lin Yuguang, car of spirit away of the key that use a car 3, miniature minibus 1, bicycle many 30. In these cases, see not hard be known as " safe Palladium " lock can'ts help so unexpectedly. Be what reason causes lock each other to leave after all so is rate such tall?

Many distributors express, won't appear commonly from normal manufacturer replenish onr's stock so tall each other leaves rate, but at present lock market good and evil people mixed up, have many false and inferior products that have pattern technically in the light of famous brand product. The issue that at present padlock gives basically is a lock the billiards amount inside antrum is insufficient, generally speaking padlock at least due 5, lock up ability to open after the key touchs all billiards only. If billiards amount is insufficient, the each other between different lock leaves rate is corresponding rise, but this consumer from the exterior be to look not to come out.
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