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Industry of machinery of backward be a burden on exports homebred engine

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High-end product exit chooses entrance engine basically

Wait for the product of the market to exporting European Union, North America and Australia, mao Zhongwen emphasizes, discharge the respect such as index, noise, oscillatory, dependability to want reach a standard. And engine is project machine the largest to environmental influence part in all systems, mix in oscillatory, noise especially discharge index respect. Mao Zhongwen analysis thinks, as these area users mechanical to the project function asks rise, decrease traditionally brace up the technology cannot satisfy a requirement more and more, use decrease newly brace up the technology is imperative. Henceforth, want to use contemporary design method and method on one hand, use advanced production technology, the design that improves engine makes a standard, what what in decrease thereby or eliminating engine work process, produce is harmful stimulate brace up force; Should use the project machine engine with all sorts of effective control to decrease on the other hand brace up system, reduce engine vibration thereby the influence of mechanical to the project function, the competitive capacity that increases product of machine of our country project to go up in the international market.

Mao Zhongwen points out, homebred now engine and difference of level of entrance engine technology are bigger, if homebred level does not rise, entrance amount will be larger and larger. From the point of a few example, the transnational corporation of machine of 5 big projects on international, they built their engine system, ensure overall technical level. Say industry of domestic project machinery can stand so that live in the international market so, can have protected home market further, engine is very important. Current, well-known company thinks a few international to be strengthened further with the domestic company cooperation in engine respect, for instance card spy those of the United States is strapped, the company such as Kangmingsi, Pajinsi, Woerwo.

Domestic average user is right discharge, noise index demand is not high

The manufacturer of domestic form a complete set that at present as mechanical as the project engine concerns basically has on group of Kang Mingsi of bavin, Wei bavin, jade bavin, Hangzhou hair, Chongqing, lug, a few small-sized engine that still have Zhejiang new prosperous produce a business. Homebred diesel engine, be joint ventures production mostly. Of the entrance basically is the brand such as Kangmingsi, Daoyici. From development the trend is told, if home makes horizontal or else can rise, import volume will be increasing.

"3 leakage " with early days fault rate tall it is the main problem that at present domestic engine exists. Mao Zhongwen emphasizes, fault rate is high besides the problem that has a mill, user operation is undeserved also be one of reasons. Project machinery industry follows automobile industry not quite same, car driver wants a course to drive the rigorous training of school, and the driver quality of project machine is compared relatively low, the use to engine, maintain did not ask strictly to undertake maintenance by the technology. Accordingly, it is very important to groom. Mao Zhongwen says, according to investigation, domestic user to discharging, the problem such as noise, the requirement is not very slashing, these local requirements want Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen a bit taller, the problem that domestic user cares most is amount of derv cost amount, engine oil cost and utilization reliability.
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