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Old inn presses down: Technical innovation promotes hardware electron industry

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Old inn town covers the area austral tide of city of head of the garrison post of technical innovation major that in Guangdong the province holds, Shan, produce a such jobs: A female section chief does not believe hall of Guangdong province science and technology at first old inn can build those who give to have match only " medical head " a 1/4 size, type that relies on an entrance formerly is multilayer capacitor of pottery and porcelain, but see ability be convinced to the spot and extended thumb. In Shan head, old inn perhaps does not calculate going up is the old guard with economic top-ranking actual strength, but its industrial characteristic is very bright, already formed mix for backbone pillar, underwear with product of electronic electric equipment the industrial situation with a Hua Qi hand-in-hand head.

What blank of home of fill of capacitor of high-pressured pottery and porcelain produces the new-style capacitor of afore-mentioned the sort of miniaturization, high capacity is limited company of Guangdong Dong Liancheng science and technology, this company was awarded last year " Guangdong saves company of new and high technology " title, realized the area austral tide company of new and high technology " the breakthrough of 0 " . It or " Guangdong saves company of civilian battalion science and technology " , its product is judged to be " Chinese electron product is famous brand " . At present the company produces per year 1 billion capacitor, its are own of research and development " high pressure is multilayer a capacitor of type pottery and porcelain " passed appraisal of province expert group last year, fill home is blank, will be labelled by ministry of national science and technology May this year " national torch plans a project " , now already batch production. According to introducing, this kind of capacitor basically is used at war industry product, the equipment that prevent thunder waits to also have application like Lcd plasma TV, lightning rod in civil product. Couplet contains the value that the person knows very well to science and technology innovates independently east, be in high pressure is multilayer a capacitor of type pottery and porcelain just when put into production, the department of company project technology that by a batch senior engineer and technical personnel form and product development department already threw high pressure of medium of 2 kinds of pottery and porcelain multilayer the research and development of a product of series of capacitor of type pottery and porcelain, what begin to realize pink of pottery and porcelain of material of capacitor main body is homebred change. The noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of pottery and porcelain that uses at present relies on to be imported from Japan even, if captured difficulty of this one technology, enterprise aux will be able to reduces the cost that 30 % control, and shorten procurement cycle, reduce inventory, this is very advantageous to managing. Keep in mind of Dong Liancheng's person puts Gao Yuan, the national level of capacitor service life is 1000 hours, themselves " raise the quota " , raise the level. The capacitor product of this company already passed the attestation of the environmental protection that do not have lead of the European Union this year, laid solid foundation to will occupy an international market to hit henceforth. Another name for Guangdong Province east electronic city becomes distribution centre of product of countrywide electron electric equipment old inn town is located in Campagna of Lianjiang middle reaches and wet Na Puning two ground boundary, 324 nations line is worn condition and over- , communication is very easy. Begin from clear generation, the hardware product that gives priority to with cylinder here is famed already far and near, artificer merchant is numerous. 90 time begin the century on, electronic product in the ascendant, clever and the old inn person of acumen transfers the product of electron of face of line of sight that develops industry, make full use of dominant position of live abroad country, open has a batch of plants that produce small electron product. Town appoint, town government gives to this encourage guide, effectively promoted this to press down the rapid development of electronic industry production and commerce.
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